Win free Apple Macbook Pro

August 9th, 2007

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could win a Macbook Pro? Just imagine receiving that stylish, top of the range Macbook without paying one cent out of your own pocket!

Unfortunately, companies simply DON’T give away products for no reason! Products cost money to manufacture, both in materials and labor so ultimately… SOMEBODY HAS TO PAY FOR IT! Whether that be the manufacturer or someone else.


There is an alternative!

It is possible to win a macbook pro for a fraction of their retail price.

There are many sites where you can win free macbook pro. The best one is because it ships products worldwide and doesn’t require that you qualify within a time limit (Most sites require that you qualify within 90 days). Freebiejeebies send out these items on a regular basis for very little outlay on your part.

How the system works:

  1. You sign up with your email address and specify which product you want to qualify for.
  2. You complete an offer, the offer could be a web hosting package or software purchase, a portion of whatever you pay is paid to the company that referred you.
  3. After completing an offer you refer others who also complete an offer. Every time someone signs up for an offer, the company who runs the site receives affiliate commissions of $10-$20 per lead (i.e. a person submitting an email address or mobile/cell number)… this without them even buying anything!
  4. Once you reach the required number of referrals you will receive the product.

The advantage of Freebiejeebies over other sites offering this type of service is that they DO NOT impose a time limit of 90 days to qualify for the item. However, you do need more referrals to receive your item. What you need to decide is whether to select one that requires less referrals but has a time limit or the one that requires more referrals but doesn’t impose a time limit (FreebieJeebies). The time limit on other sites makes it harder to generate the required number of referrals within the time frame and therefore dramatically decreases the chance of winning the item, in fact, these sites rely on this to make a profit. These companies don’t need to worry about advertising costs because that is taken care of by their subscribers in their efforts to get referrals.

FreebieJeebies also allow you to request custom items if they aren’t offering the item you want, just request a custom item through support. When doing this you should supply a link where they can purchase the item. They will investigate and contact you with information on how many referrals are required

So if you want to win a free macbook pro (or macbook air) I recommend that you sign up by clicking the link below (Please note that this is my referral link… I am currently aiming to receive an 64gb Ipad to join the itouch I won previously)


The other great thing with freebiejeebies is that once you have qualified for your existing item, you can then aim for another gift… WITHOUT HAVING TO SIGN UP FOR ANOTHER OFFER! Just keep collecting referrals. Freebiejeebies have several different sites where you qualify for different types of products and you can have a single account at every one of them (multiple accounts are not permitted on each individual site).

Another alternative that does not require you to refer others is what is known as a ‘reverse auction’. A reverse auction is where an item is sold for the LOWEST unique bid (rather than the usual highest bid). In the case of this system, you need only pay the amount you bid upon an item as well as any admin fee that may be payable for bidding. I’ll add a link for one of these later 🙂