Mac security

By the end of 2005, there were 114,000 known viruses for PCs. In March 2006 alone, 850 new threats were detected against Windows. Zero for Mac. While no computer connected to the Internet will ever be 100% immune from attack, Mac OS X has helped the Mac keep its clean bill of health with a superior UNIX foundation and security features that go above and beyond the norm for PCs. When you get a Mac, only your enthusiasm is contagious. (Statistics from Sophos, a world leader in integrated threat management solutions)

Connecting a PC to the Internet using factory settings is like leaving your front door wide open with your valuables in plain view on the coffee table. A Mac, however, shuts and locks the door, hides the key, and stores your valuables in a safe with a combination known only to you. No need to buy, configure, or maintain such basic protection like on a PC.

People attempting to break into computers can disguise malicious programs as pictures, movies, or other seemingly harmless files. You might download such files from the web or get them via mail or chat. A PC automatically downloads them without a peep. A Mac, however, lets you know that you may be getting a wolf in sheep’s clothing, because the Mac web browser, Safari, knows the difference between a file and a program, and alerts you whenever you’re downloading the latter.

The 100 most virulent attacks by malicious software causing 99.9% of damage to PCs DO NOT work on Mac OS X. Don’t you deserve such protection?

Ready to go out-of-the-box

While a new PC comes with software, most of which you’d never want to use and if you did you’d have to purchase the full program because it only came with a limited feature demo version. A new Mac, however, comes with lots of awesome, fully featured software. So you can make lots of really great things.

Bring home a new Mac and you bring home a built in operating system with more than 200 built-in features including the award-winning suite of iLife applications. And don’t forget the built in Isight camera and microphone which you would have to pay extra for on a PC.

Creating on your Mac is a matter of plug and play. Connect your digital camera and iPhoto will automatically launch and import your photos. iChat instantly allows you to start video chatting with your iMac, MacBook, or MacBook Pro’s built-in iSight camera. Watch crystal-clear video with QuickTime (no installation required). Compose your own songs using your computer keyboard and GarageBand loops. It’s all there, right from the moment you turn on your Mac. (Before that, even.)

So forget the fine print. With a Mac, fun is not sold separately.

ILife applications include:
· IPhoto: automatically organizes your photos and makes editing as easy as clicking your mouse
· Imovie: Completely redesigned to help you make movies in minutes.
· .Mac web gallery: iLife and .Mac let you share photos and movies online with a click.
· GarageBand: Make music, audition instruments, even create your own virtual band.
· Iweb:Easily create websites with photos, videos & podcasts that’s stunningly beautiful, and totally you.
· IDVD: Create Hollywood-style DVDs featuring your movies and slideshows.

Make movies with IMovie

Whether you record MPEG-4 to HDV video formats you can import everything to IMovie smoothly. Simple as “plug and play”. Just connect your video camera to the Mac via FireWire and iMovie starts work.

iMovie gives you moviemaking power you never imagined. Every iMovie theme contains complementary elements, including backgrounds, motion graphics, titles, and effects. These are the building blocks for your project. Drag and drop your videos into the professionally produced scenes with drop zones. Add titles, select optional visual or audio effects. iMovie does all the hard work. And because iMovie’s is seamless integrated with all iLife applications, it’s easy to add photos from iPhoto or music from iTunes & GarageBand.

Be a rockstar with GarageBand

Wanna be a rock star? Think of the groupies. The gold records. The limos, the five star hotel suites. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Don’t wait to take the stage? Every new Mac includes GarageBand, the perfect software to start you on your road to fame.
GarageBand gives you dozens of instruments ready to play the first time you start it up. Strings. Drums. Horns. You don’t even need a keyboard, just use your computer keyboard. Sure it’s got letters instead of sharps and flats, but turn on Musical Typing and your computer keyboard becomes a baby grand piano. Play the “white keys” using the middle row, the “black keys” with the upper row. Or use the resizable onscreen keyboard.
You can also add a real keyboard. Take any USB or MIDI keyboard and plug it in. GarageBand will recognise it. No need for drivers. No setting changing. It really is “plug and play.”

Create podcasts with GarageBand too.

Recording your own podcast on a PC may seem a hazy dream. Just getting started means downloading the recording software, buying a professional microphone, and compressing the audio yourself. By the time you do all that, you may be left speechless. With Mac, you can go from zero to “on the air” in minutes.

GarageBand requires no more than Mac’s built-in microphone and your sparkling wit to record a professional-sounding podcast complete with sound effects, jingles, and an artwork track. Provide color commentary on the baby’s first steps. Record your diary instead of writing it. Or just roll it stream-of-consciousness style. With a Mac, you can even record iChat sessions for a talk show. Anyone for a Virtual family reunion?

GarageBand’s Speech Enhancer improves the sound of your voice, even simulating a professional microphone if you’re not using one. Find the perfect theme song in the GarageBand jingle library. The music won’t even detract from your message. GarageBand lets you automatically reduce music volume when you speak, so everyone can hear the talk above the music.

One click websites with IWeb

Create your own website, complete with video, podcasts, and photo galleries as quickly as it takes a PC to create one text-only blog entry.

Wanna create a video blog. Use your Mac’s iSight camera. A fully featured video camera, sitting at the top of your screen. To film your video, just launch iMovie HD. Then record your latest rant, rave, or rumination while you bounce the baby on your lap. Whatever rings your bells.

Once you’ve completed your video, export it to iWeb. Choose a website theme to match your mood (or your baby’s hair or eyes). Your movie appears in the template, ready for you to personalize by typing your own commentary. And when you’ve finished, just click Publish and your dazzling video blog goes live, complete with index and archive pages

Video chat

On a Mac, video chatting with family and friends and colleagues the world over is cheaper, simpler (and often faster) than making a long-distance phone call.

Only a Mac is so ready to video chat that it brings along its own camera. The built-in iSight camera on every new iMac, MacBook, and MacBook Pro lets you start or join a video chat at a click of the mouse. There’s nothing extra to buy or attach, no cords to fumble with, no software to install or configure. Simply start iChat AV, click your buddy’s video icon, and you’re ready to chat with video and audio.

Up to four people can video chat and use a stunning, three-dimensional view, iChat AV almost puts your friends and family in the room with you. See their faces reflected into space, as though you were sitting around a dining room table together.

You can even record your video chats to make podcasts. The included fully featured GarageBand program simultaneously records your chat audio assigning different tracks to participants who are identified by buddy name and icon. This makes editing super easy. GarageBand captures a real-time still image each time a chatter speaks, perfect for the podcast artwork. Great for professionals and aspiring talk show hosts alike.

No need to buy new peripherals

Many people are happily surprised to find their old PC peripherals work with their new Mac. That’s because the Mac ships with drivers for almost everything you’re using. (without screaming “hardware detected” every time you plug in something as basic as a keyboard.) No need for a new mouse, keyboard (if you’re using an Imac), scanner or camera dock or even a new modem.

You can still use MS Software

If you want to run Windows XP or Vista or Microsoft office, just purchase the Mac version. Which means, of course, that the Mac may very well be the only computer you’ll ever need, just keep using the operating system you are accustomed to. In fact, the Mac’s versatility and ability to run both Mac OS X and Windows, has everyone buzzing with excitement.


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